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R&D Center

R&D (Research and Development Department)
Research and Develop the technology innovation and new products of stage entertainment lighting and special effects equipments for market
demand and customer's satisfaction, by using the rapid, cost-effective methods. And improve the product quality with high efficiency and low
cost are the goals of our R&D department.


The Main Responsibilities of R&D
1.Drawing up the scheme as a whole for the research and development of the new products.
2.Examining the effect of work plan annually and improving the situation continuously.
3.Inspecting and standardizing the whole Products Manufacturing Process ,industrial art , producing order and ensuring the speed of producing
    and products quality.
4.Accelerating and training the production skills and standardizing the sample manufacturing and the arrangement of producing process .
5 Studying and improving the Products Manufacturing Process and industrial art and producing order .
6.Examining and verifying the information of the new supplier .
7.Carrying out and implementing the qualified standards for the test of the materials and products manufacturing process and products .
8.Correcting and improving the comprehensive system by collecting  and analyzing the feedback materials .


Our R&D department from the Structural Engineering, Electronic Engineering,Software Engineering and Process,Product,Industrial Engineering
R& D employees use any specific software for designing new products as PRO/E,AutoCAD,KEIL,PROTEL99SE etc.

Structural Engineer is mainly responsible for designing the external structure ,cooling system and lighting path system of the products .

Electronic Engineer is mainly responsible for theorem diagram of  the products , the design  of  electronic PCB,  EMC, LVD  of the  products  and
sorting out their related electronic materials.

Software Engineer is mainly responsible for design the software of DMX512, Step Motor, LED PWM dimmer and so on.

PE/IE Engineer is mainly responsible for designing Product Manufacturing Process ,the Manufacturing of NPI/OI and  confirming the STANDARD
TIME, and improving the products manufacturing process, meanwhile in charge of  designing and introducing the new products  and the solving
abnormal problems during the trial-production.



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